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3 de la Habana is One of the Most Refreshing Musical Exports to come out of Cuba Since Gloria Estefan

La Voz Nueva

Though they have been making music since 1993, this family of accomplished vocalists only made the move to Miami and a wide-open recording career last December. In Cuba they were largely responsible for resurrecting the once popular vocal trio format that had devolved there to the cultural equivalent of a lounge singer. Vocal trios of mediocre talent were common in neighborhood restaurants or soup kitchens.

German David Pinelli, his wife Ana Maria and younger brother Ari all have voices most American Idol contestants would kill to have. They interweave vocal harmonies into a fine tapestry of musical styles and innuendo – and it’s getting them noticed far and wide.
We started as a trio doing a live tour and bringing our music to the people, German said. Our CD is about life – written about the good and the bad things. When people hear our music they are part of this life for better or worse.

The band has created a strikingly unique sound at a time when many new musicians seem similar if not copied outright. They combine Latin rhythms with bits of jazz, pop and song. I think it is a kind of fusion we made, he said. We utilize elements of pop and jazz but it’s always comes from our musical roots – Cuban music. We try to reincorporate some of the new styles and make a fusion with pop and Reggaeton in some of the music on the CD – a little pop rock and jazz too. I think it’s a good mix with Cuban music. A lot of freedom but always revealing where we’re coming from.
So how do they go about weaving their voices into this rich brocade Our three voices have a naturally choral sound. Whenever we sing the voices mix naturally and it’s a very beautiful sound. I have a soft voice and I just try to mix with my wife and brother.

The best song on the CD is title La Perdida – it is one they wrote before they left Cuba. When we recorded it on the CD we tried to incorporate the Cuban rhythm of – I don’t know the right word in English – we call it cincobat – it is a dance tune and a salsa song. It’s a kind of rhythm the dancers are doing and we try to sing it the Cuban way. We’re trying to make this thing we call Cubaton – elements of Cuban rhythm mixed with Reggaeton. It’s very difficult to do but I think it works. Indeed, it works very well.
The band is putting together a tour for parts of the U.S. and will play an important festival in L.A. May 3. They have performed in Washington, DC, Chicago and New York thus far. “We want to arrange a tour for the United States and we hope the people will come.
3 de la Habana is one of the most refreshing musical exports to come out of Cuba since Gloria Estefan. We think you will like their new CD. Check it out and let us know.

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