martes, 27 de enero de 2009

From Cuba To Chicago: 3 De La Habana Live

Six months ago, fusion band 3 de Habana was playing to crowds at the historic Cafe Cantante inside the National Theater of Cuba. The admission fee of a Cuban peso allowed locals to enjoy their music every Wednesday afternoon for the past 13 years.

Last December, the band decided to leave the island and continue their work in the United States. Bandleader Germán David Pinelli, spoke to Extra Newspaper about the band’s rich history and new beginnings.

“There’s always a nostalgia for the following we left behind in La Havana. It was very important for us to charge in the currency of the people because in the end, it’s their vote that counts,” Pinelli said. “There are many different bands and orchestras in Cuba for us to play week after week – crowds of over 500 people was a very rewarding challenge.”

Pinelli credits their success to the strong family ties within the band. His wife Ana Maria Paez and his younger sibling Ari complete the trio while other family members join in with various instruments.

“People like seeing a family working together to make music on stage,” Pinelli said. “Along with that, our repertoire covers a lot of music and several different genres. Lyrically, we like to sing about social issues and things we like and don’t

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